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Dishwasher (max coverage $400)

Garbage Disposal (max coverage $250)

Microwave (max coverage $300)

Range (max coverage $300)

Wall Oven (max coverage $500)

Range/Stove (max coverage $500)

Cooktop (max coverage $500)

Refrigerator (max coverage $500)

Refrigerator ice maker and

dispenser (max coverage $300)

Washer & Dryer Units 

(max coverage is $400)

Instant Water under Sink

(max coverage $300)

Deep Freezer (max coverage $400)

Free-Standing Ice maker 

(max coverage $400

Frequently Asked Questions

We Offer Coverage Plans for everyone's needs. Below are our three plans. You will never pay full price for any covered repair on your appliance. This appliance protection Plans are better than a home warranty plan or an insurance plan.  This Plan actually covers things that break around the house like your Major Appliances. We offer this plan to remove the pain of paying for unexpected appliances repair. We don't sub-contract any of our work so you get the best possible quality of service. Sign up Today and save money! Please review the term & Conditions for plan details.  There is a 20 day period after sign up before repairs can be covered.

$68 Deductible 

Sign up Today and save Big! 

Save up to $350 on today's 

Repair of your Appliane


our most popular plan


What is an Appliance Protection Plan?

An appliance protection plan covers the repair of covered appliances for a modest monthly fee, plus a small $68 deductible when repairs are required. The list of covered appliances varies from one type of plan to another. When a covered appliance breaks down, a technician will come to your home to diagnose the covered appliance and repair it. Monthly Protection plan fees can vary depending on the type of items covered. 
Why do i need an Appliance Protection Plan?

There are many appliances in our home that we take for granted. We assume they will give us years of use with minimum of care. When a critical appliance functions poorly or unexpectedly fails, the inconvenience and often sizable costs to fix or replace it, along with waiting for service can quickly disrupt your life. With a North Texas Appliance Protection Plan, covered appliances that are not working properly or fail completely will be evaluated and repaired.

Is my protection plan renewable?

Yes, Coverage begins twenty (20) days after registration of this Agreement has been completed and payment has been received by the Company. After the initial twelve (12) month commitment has ended, this Agreement will automatically be renewed on a monthly basis unless the Plan Holder notifies the Company in writing (via email or the US postal service) that he or she does not wish coverage to continue. Any such notification must be given thirty (30) days prior to the expiration date of this Agreement.

What is the service request process?

Once you submit your service request to North Texas Appliance Protection Co. a Customer Service Specialist will contact the Plan Holder within twelve (12) business hours (within forty-eight [48] business hours on weekends and/or holidays) to inform him or her which repair company has been assigned to his or her service request. Once the appliance is evaluated the technician will proceed to perform the repairs on covered appliance.

Do i have a deductible?

Yes, The Plan Holder will be required to pay a sixty-eight dollar ($68.00) service fee for the diagnosis and repair of each covered appliance for which such services are necessary.

The appliances in my home are old. Does that matter? 

No. North Texas Appliance Protection Co. has no age limitations on the covered appliances. The appliances, however, must be correctly installed and in proper working condition at the time of the effective date.

Do i need to contact LONESTAR APPLIANCE before i call an outside contractor when i have a malfunction?

Yes, in order for a covered appliance to be serviced, the Plan Holder must submit a service request to the Company through one of the following methods:
1. Online via the Company’s website at;
2. By contacting the Company’s Customer Service department via telephone at (214) 960-4080.
3. North Texas Appliance Protection Company will neither reimburse the Plan Holder nor pay for any service performed by his or her own contractor without     prior authorization from the Company for such service.

What does my protection plan cover?​

Your protection plan covers mechanical malfunctions on items listed as covered under your specific plan during the term of the contract as a result of normal wear and tear. If your refrigerator stops cooling, don’t panic. Give us a call!


for the essentials


$68 Deductible 

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In-Home Appliance Repair @ your service 

Dishwasher (max coverage $600)

Garbage Disposal (max coverage $400)

Microwave (max coverage $500)

Wall Oven (max coverage $700)

Range/Stove (max coverage $700)

Drop-in Cooktop (max coverage $600)

Refrigerator (max coverage $1500)

Second Refrigerator (max coverage $300)

Refrigerator ice maker and dispenser (max coverage $1500)

Washer & Dryer (max coverage per unit $500)

Instant Water under Sink
(max coverage $500)

Deep Freezer (max coverage $400)

Free-Standing Ice maker 

(max coverage $400)

Mini Bar Fridge (max coverage $300)

Wine Cooler (max coverage $300)

$68 Deductible 


(maximum coverage $200)

Garbage Disposal 

(maximum coverage $150)

Microwave (maximum coverage $300)

Range / Stove 

(wall oven or drop-in cook-tops are not covered in this plan)

(maximum coverage $400


(ice maker & Dispenser not covered in this plan)

Max coverage $400)

Washing Machine

(max coverage $400)


(max coverage $400)



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